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Comparison / Contrast Essay

Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date of Submission Hyphenated Identity in “Good Country People” and “Everyday Use In Hyphenated Identity in “Good Country People” and “Everyday Use” Carol Andrews compares and contrasts the two stories by Flannery O’Connor and Alice Walker respectively. Even though the two women had an age gap of two decades both of them wrote their stories with similar inspirations. Both of them portray the white and black women who are particularly not appealing or idealized but are true to the observations of their creator on the conditions facing the women in the South. Their stories are based on the power imbalances on the basis of gender and race in the south they point out how the southern culture has placed the women in a precarious position. What Andrews reveals from the two is that both the black and white women had no authority both in level of struggle. Being enslaved in the hands of the whites the black women are in no match to the white women or rather not at the same level as the African Americans. Nonetheless through his analysis of the two texts I get to understand that it is not the only gender that contributes to the struggles of women rather their race also plays a significant role. It is even evident that O’Connor (Dee) the daughter never wanted to be called by the name which will associate her with her oppressors. The reason as to why she changed her name. Generally Carol Andrews has played a very significant part in in my understanding on the relationship between the two texts as well as shedding light on the state of women in the south. Works Cited Andrews Carol M. “HYPHENATED IDENTITY IN” GOOD COUNTRY PEOPLE” AND” EVERYDAY USE”.” SHENANDOAH 60.1-2 (2010): 133-141.
Read the article “Hyphenated Identity in ‘Good Country People’ and ‘Everyday Use’” by Carol Andrews.

Write a 700-800 word summary of the article stating the premise/thesis of the article and detailing and explaining Andrews’ major points of comparison and contrast between these two short stories. This may be done in paragraph or bullet point/outline form, but needs to include details from the article stated in complete sentences.
3. Write a 300-350 word response to the article, stating what you agree and/or disagree with in the article and/or explaining how Andrews’ comparison/contrast analysis has affected your depth of understanding of one or both of the short stories.


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