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Community service in high school

Benefits of community service Student’s name: Course: Instructor: Date of submission: Introduction Community service refers to work done by people voluntarily in an area. The community is a collective term used to refer to people and the environment around them. Community service is very important as it creates the basis for the social and economic development of a community. Health service entails many voluntary services such as garbage collection visiting the sick in the hospital donation of old clothes to the needy and delivering meals and grocery to an elderly neighbor. It is crucial for community the grandaunts to perform as per the social expectation and obligation. Through community service the students learn on how to help the needy how to use scarce resources while conserving them. Innovation and creativity are some values that the students will acquire when a demonstration of a community service is done before the student’s’ graduation. References O’Grady Carolyn R. ed. Integrating service learning and multicultural education in colleges and universities. Routledge 2014.Waterman Alan S. Service-learning: Applications from the research. Routledge 2014.Plieninger Tobias et al. “Assessing mapping and quantifying cultural ecosystem services at community level.” Land use policy 33 (2013): 118-129.
This is a senior graduation project 2 pages Talking about the benefits of community service and why it is important that high school students to have a required about of community service hours to graduate below is what is what it’s graded on PLEASE no plagiarism !!!!! please !!!

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