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Classical Argument Position Paper

The Second Amendment Student’s Name Institution Professor Course Date Due Outline: The Second Amendment Thesis: The US government will repeal the Second Amendment The second amendment is an impediment to the power of the government in regulation of sale and possession of guns. The Second Amendment for Preventing Violence: Firearms Laws. Retrieved from  C. (2016). WHY THE SECOND AMENDMENT SHOULD BE REPEALED. Retrieved from  B. (2017 October 5). Opinion | Repeal the Second Amendment. Retrieved January 23 2018 from Jesuit Review. (2013 February 12). Repeal the Second Amendment. Retrieved January 23 2018 from
This Classical Argument assignment topic will be based off a completed outline I have already completed. I didn’t do so well on it. Can you please review all of the attachments.

I will attach my outline and my teachers response. Please assist.
Please do your best. This teach grades hard.
I attached the instructions. Must be in APA format.

My Thesis is : The United States Govenment will repeal the Second Amendment.
Must cite 4 different scholarly sources (APA) format

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