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City of Sunrise Utilities

City of Sunrise Utilities Name Course Title Date City of Sunrise Utilities Attainment of highly skilled personnel with adequate education is very critical to an organization¬ís productivity. Insufficient education and skills development traps economies into vicious circles of low productivity and income. It is for this reason that human resource managers find it essential to recruit personnel with high qualifications regarding skills and level of education. Ideally an efficient skill development system which constitutes education and technical training connects the labor market entry to the workplace and lifelong learning (Karodia Cowden & Kum 2014). This approach can assist States in sustaining its productivity growth which in turn attracts more and better jobs. City Sunrise Utility Department faces challenges in its human resource division. The utilities department workforce lack adequate technical skills and capabilities which seem to undermine productivity of the unit. As such this paper aims to provide recommendations skills and sufficient level of education is very critical on an organization’s productivity. Therefore to mitigate Utilities’ department issue with low skilled and educated personnel this paper recommends that the unit adopts an effective training and development programs as it is a sure means of enhancing employees’ technical skills and knowledge. It is also recommended that the department identifies the specific skills and competencies that map to strategies and performance metrics when hiring of personnel. References Nda M. M. & Fard R. Y. (2013). The impact of employee training and development on employee productivity. Global Journal of Commerce and Management Perspective 2(6) 91-93. Karodia A. M. Cowden R. & Kum F. D. (2014). The impact of training and development onemployee performance: A case study of ESCON Consulting. Singaporean Journal of Business Economics and Management Studies 3(3) 72-105. Galagan P. (2009). Bridging the skills gap-Part I. Public Manager 38(4) 61.
Analyze the issue and provide no more than two recommendations tailored to your specific public organization. The recommendations should be S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Related, and Timely). This section should be approximately 2-3 pages. Upload as a Word Document only.

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