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Christianity and Judaism

Comparing Bioethics in Christianity and Judaism Name Institution Comparing Bioethics in Christianity and Judaism The concept of bioethics in religion has received much interest from the public and policy makers in the recent past. Throughout history medical procedures carried out in the life of individual have elicited differing views from people with diverse religious backgrounds. Several medical practices taking with the regard to the life of a terminally ill patient or a person whose life is in danger such as medically induced abortion has created controversy among people of different faiths. Freedom of worship gives people the liberty to follow the religion of their choice and thus individuals are expected to respect the opinion of rights regarding bioethics. However some aspects of the bioethics have resulted into many debates especial between Christians and Jews. The paper will analyze the difference and similarities between the Judaism and Christianity on the the area of organ donation where Christians deem it right to donate organs upon death while Jews are of the belief that a person should be buried completely as he was created. On the issue of physically induced death Jews prohibits the practice while Christians supports it .However similarities exist between the two religions on matters of bioethics where they believe in providing end of life care until the last minute. In addition Christians and Jews believe that God is the sole giver of life and has power over its disposal and thus they respect the life of human being. References Dana L. Al Husseini (2011).The Implications of Religious Beliefs on Medical and Patient Care:1-51 RhamiKhorfan and Aasim L. Padela (2010). The Bioethical Concept of Life for Life in Judaism Catholicism and Islam: Abortion When the Mother’s Life is in Danger. Journal of Islam medical Association of America: 99-105
the essay question is… What is the similarities and differences between christianity and judaism in the area of BIOETHICS…. it should be 1100 words. please make it really perfect because this is hsc which goes to my records… THIS IS A COMPARISON ESSAY SO YOU NEED TO COMPARE AND INCLUDE THE DIFFERENCES AND SIMILARITIES BETWEEN CHRISTIANITY AND JUDAISM IN THE AREA OF BIOETHICS…. ALSO PLEASE MENTION SOME EXAMPLES FOR EACH PARAGRAH LIKE QUOTES !! thankyou

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