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Christian Leadership

Christian Leadership Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Introduction Christian living requires that individuals adhere to certain beliefs and practices that embody the faith. These beliefs guide the actions of the Christians when carrying out different activities in the community and even in church-related functions. To ensure that Christians and their leaders attain better outcomes in these functions they need to understand the distinctiveness their position in the society. This paper therefore discusses the Christian distinctiveness in relation to fundraising and handling oneself at work. Fundraising There are several ways of raising funds for use in projects across the globe. One of these is the use of fundraising. Individuals fundraise both in the church and in other activities that are not related to Christian work. However there are certain attributes that differentiate Christian fundraising from the secular one. One of these is the high moral and ethical principles that apply in a clear distinction between how the believers behave and the non-believers. By so doing they are likely to encourage other people to join the faith. In addition they heed to God’s command on Christian living as stipulated in the sacred books. There are benefits of leading this kind of life as mentioned in the paper. Therefore it is important to encourage a life of faith since it is a requirement for positive living based on high morals and ethical standards. References Brooks J. (2014). The Money-Raising Nonprofit Brand: Motivating Donors to Give Give Happily and Keep on Giving. Boston MA: John Wiley & Sons. Parker S. (2013). Fundraising: A Christian Perspective:. Manchester United Kingdom: Gordon Owen: IGO EBooks. Sargeant A. & Shang J. (2017). Fundraising Principles and Practice. New York NY: John Wiley & Sons. Wilson H. (2016). Keeping Faith in Fundraising:. Boca Raton NJ: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing.
Christian Leadership Distinctives Essay

You will develop a brief essay (4-5 pages) in response to the following question:
•Part 1: How is fundraising in a Christ-centered ministry environment distinct (set apart) from fundraising within secular causes?
•Part 2: How is a Christian fundraiser working in a secular environment distinct (set apart) from his or her non-Christian peers in how he or she approaches his or her work?

To earn full points for this essay, you must convey an awareness of (and ability to apply) the following elements in developing your answer:
•Ethics of fundraising
•Donor behavior/decision-making
•Social influences

To further demonstrate your ability to integrate relevant perspectives on this subject, the essay must include at least three outside references, in addition to the Sargeant text. Although not required, you may find support for your efforts within the devotional discussions.

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