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Child Developement

Early Childhood Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Early Childhood Every child goes through specific stages of development from birth to early adulthood. In each of these stages distinct changes in the development of the brain occur. The changes are not only limited to the brain but also includes the physical and social changes (Edwards Skouteris Rutherford & Cutter-Mackenzie 2013). Child development is a continuous process with a predictable sequence that happens from birth to the end of adolescence. The process may be predictable but is unique to every child. This progress is affected by various factors and thus the process never proceeds at the same rate. The paper will focus on early childhood as a topic. Child development stages are hypothetical milestones of child development. There are numerous stages some which are developed by nativist theorists. The most popular stages of child development are categorized by the ages of the distinct but simultaneous stages children will develop most of their much-needed skills that take them through to adulthood. The paper has also touched on the various ways that parents can help their kids grow and develop properly. The parents must pay attention to the growth of their toddlers since they are the upcoming age group. References Bown K. & Sumsion J. (2011). Voices from the other Side of the Fence: Early Childhood Teachers’ Experiences with Mandatory Regulatory Requirements. Contemporary Issues In Early Childhood  8(1) 30-49. Edwards S. Skouteris H. Rutherford L. & Cutter-Mackenzie A. (2013). ‘It’s all about Ben10™’: children’s play health and sustainability decisions in the early years. Early Child Development And Care  183(2) 280-293. Kivunja C. (2015). Leading and Managing Early Childhood Settings: Inspiring People Places and Practices. Cultural And Pedagogical Inquiry  7(2). Shonkoff J. (2014). Changing the Narrative for Early Childhood Investment. JAMA Pediatrics  168(2) 105.
You will write a five-page paper on a topic related to child development. The paper must be written in APA style. You must have a minimum of 4 peer reviewed journal articles as your sources. The purpose of this project is for you to learn how to write a brief report on a specific topic. You will be graded on the relevancy of your references, your ability to write, and your use of APA style. There is a link to help with APA style under content.

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