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Chasing the Scream

Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Chasing the Scream: Stress and Addiction Addiction has been a trend witnessed in almost every generation. People get accustomed to doing a particular thing (either through ingestion or engaging in an activity) becoming a habit which negatively affects their normal day to day activities. Addiction is associated to negative health effects limiting ones reasoning on doing particular deeds (Hari). For instance individuals addicted to smoking find it hard to stay patient towards the urge of smoking. The urge increases with time as the body cells become accustomed to the nicotine. In due process the cells yearn for more and therefore the individual indulges himself or herself into addiction hence affecting their reasoning against such habits. Well individuals affected by addiction might be even unaware that they are addicts. They might also be unaware that their behavior is out of their control and therefore further strive to gain what he or she has lost. Upon gaining little cash in any activity he or she would still take the cash for gambling ending up becoming used to it. The whole process is merely aimed at gaining financial strength (Hari). In conclusion addiction is a habit caused by environmental social health or physical factors which leads to stress. The individual craves to deal with the stress and in due process he or she might engage in a habit that is detrimental to his or her health. As a result intervention is needed. These individuals require acceptance rather than stigmatization. Providing them with social comfort might be of substantial help compared to taking them to rehabilitation centers. Providing addicts with economic wellbeing enables them to reduce issues related to finances and therefore lower the intensity of stress and therefore helping them to deal with their problem.
Chasing the Scream Essay (5-7 double-spaced pages) For this paper, you will analyze a poignant feature of your choosing from “Chasing the Scream ” book by Johann hari

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