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Chapters 14. 15 & 16

Chapter 14: Theories of Domestic Violence Theories of family violence concentrate on the processes that are formulated through interactions with other people. There are four theories of FV such as social learning theory resource theory ecological systems theory and social exchange theory. The paper will discuss only two of these theories. Resource Theory It is a theory that describes the connection between violence and wealth. It proposes that the two resources that that can help in solving any differences in a family are violence and force although people today tend to assume them and consider them when things are almost getting out of hand. For instance men who earn a lot of money and can access a lot of resources which they use to control their partners’ behavior whereas men who earn little money and have access to minimal resources may end up becoming violent (Benokraitis 2014). Social Learning their previous relationships and focus on parenting as well as bringing their children together. It takes power and influence of the two parents to unite the family through cultivating for a healthy relationship as couples taking on disciplinary responsibilities gradually coming up with new rituals and developing arrangements between children’s households. On the other hand the challenge of health on older adults is something that can be addressed by enrolling these group of people in OASDI (Old Age Survivors and Disability Insurance Program). It serves as a major source of income to older people because more than 48 million people in America have been enrolled in this program (Benokraitis 2014). In 1965 the plan involved Medicaid and Medicare to help in enhancing healthcare of these group of people who are prone to neurological disorders. References Benokraitis N. (2014). MARRIAGES & FAMILIES Changes choices and constraints 8th edition (8th ed.). Pearson.
The book: MARRIAGES & FAMILIES Changes, choices, and constraints 8th edition. NIJOLE v.BENOKRAITIS
Chapter14 Domestic Violence and Other Family Health Issues
Chapter 15 Separation, Divorce, Remarriage & Stepfamilies
Chapter 16 Family in Later Life
Discuss in detail any 2 theories that explain family violence. Why do researchers rarely rely on only one theory of domestic violence? Discuss the factors that influence the effect of divorce on children. Discuss one of the three things parents can do to alleviate the negative effects of divorce. Discuss some of the issues facing step families and families in later life. What suggestions would you make to address these issues? Be specific and be sure to support your answer with sources you cite in the body of your answer and include in a reference list at the bottom of your post using APA format.
4 full pages deadline on 02/26/18

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