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Chapter Review

Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Application log 1Firm performance evaluation Topic one page 97-103 Two methods can be applied during evaluation of an organizations performance. Final ratio analysis is one approach commonly used. It evaluates the performance of an organization basing on its income statement balance sheet and own market valuation. The other option is analysis from stakeholders’ point of view. Stakeholders include employers customers as well as employees in the organization. In an analysis of financial ratios the five areas covered are Short-term liquidity long-term solvency measures turnover profitability alongside its market value. The analysis illustrates how different ratios vary with time as well as interrelating with each other. Comparison of the financial history of a firm is useful in analyzing its trends over time. Industrial norms as well as the key competitors comparison is also helpful in this type of analysis. Balance scorecard provides an effective way to experiences one should use them to support his or her opinion as it provides a strong background for a discussion. One is also expected to actively participate and persuade colleagues in supporting his or her opinion. This allows a person to understand all dimensions of an argument and overcome objections to his or her point of view. During the discussions one should be concise and precise as it helps minimize time wastage. Open-mindedness is encouraged in case analysis as it helps in getting a better understanding of the subject at hand. Other people’s insights should be considered before making a final decision. Observation of different responses to your opinion helps find an answer within a case. Application of insights from similar cases helps develop a critical case analysis. Individual performances should be evaluated. Conduction of a research study helps obtain a better understanding of a case to be analyzed.
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