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Challenges of managing a small enterprise

Name Professor Course Date Challenges of managing a small enterprise Although some of the small enterprise may not generate huge amount of money just like the large corporations they are very important because they strengthen most of the local economies. The small enterprises are the main employer in the US because they have employed a large group of people .These businesses usually have various advantages because they supplement the big corporations in one way or the other and as a result contributing to economic growth of the country .These small enterprises enhance economic growth through provision of various employment opportunities to the people who might have been excluded by the large companies when it comes to provision of employment opportunities .In addition the small businesses attract pool of talents as the people who are employed are able to invent new products or come up with various solutions for the enterprise: entrepreneurship and small business. Palgrave Macmillan 2012. Dennis Jr William J. “Entrepreneurship small business and public policy levers.” Journal of Small Business Management 49.1 (2011): 92-106. Fadahunsi Akin. “The growth of small businesses: Towards a research agenda.” American Journal of Economics and Business Administration 4.1 (2012): 105. Gill Amarjit and Nahum Biger. “Barriers to small business growth in Canada.” Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development 19.4 (2012): 656-668. Hotho Sabine and Katherine Champion. “Small businesses in the new creative industries: innovation as a people management challenge.” Management Decision 49.1 (2011): 29-54. Karlan Dean and Martin Valdivia. “Teaching entrepreneurship: Impact of business training on microfinance clients and institutions.” Review of Economics and statistics 93.2 (2011): 510-527. Link Albert N. and John T. Scott. “Employment growth from the small business innovation research program.” Small Business Economics 39.2 (2012): 265-287. Storey David J. Understanding the small business sector. Routledge 2016.
12to 14pagesnot including the title page. needs 8 to 10 r.eferences

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