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Challenges in the parole system

ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY – CHALLENGES IN THE PAROLE SYSTEM (Name) (Institution) Cantora A. Mellow J. & Schlager M. D. (2014). What About Nonprogrammatic Factors? Women’s Perceptions of Staff and Resident Relationships in a Community Corrections Setting. Journal of Offender Rehabilitation 53(1) 35-56. The main points of concern of the outline revolve around the paper for the existing and historical issues surrounding the issues in community corrections. The annotated outline lays focus on how the paper will be drafted as well as the inclusion of various headings. The challenge for community corrections in this paper is selected as women community corrections programs and policies. The purpose of the purpose is to undertake the examination of the accessibility of the women community corrections programs. prevention policies. The authors opine that collaboration with the community corrections and programs is a sure way of resolving issues affecting the institutions. Collaborative justice aims at addressing the complex needs of the offenders in independent ways. Bazemore G. & Schiff M. (2015). Restorative Community Justice: Repairing Harm and Transforming Communities. Routledge. The two authors make it clear that there are certain processes that are associated with community justice. Understanding approaches to use in restorative justice is crucial to increase the efficacy of a local state program in community corrections. Also offering satisfaction in restorative justice is essential. Undertaking activities that result to positive youth development and empowerment is essential. The authors are effective in how they provide a critical perspective.
The outline should demonstrate how your paper will meet the project objectives.

Make sure you do the following:

Include the topic selection and thesis statement.
Have a minimum of eight references in APA (6th edition) style.
Provide a summary explaining the information included in each reference.
Describe the relationship of the references to your selected topic.
Include references that are appropriate academic resources (peer-reviewed articles or books).
Include a table of contents.
Detail the main points and describe how they relate to the selected project topic.
For each heading and subheading, include a general summary (2–3 sentences) of each component and explanation of how it relates to the paper as a whole.
Include information to demonstrate that your paper will:
Analyze literature regarding the effectiveness of community corrections programs and policies.
Evaluate contemporary programs and policies of community corrections.
Design strategies to resolve issues affecting community corrections.
Apply strategies to increase the efficacy of a local state’s program of community corrections.

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