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Ch9 & 10 Discussions

Name: Professor: Course: Date: Chapter Nine Factors to Consider In Coming Up With A Counseling Rehabilitation Plan Before coming up with an adequate rehabilitation plan it is the duty of the counselor always to assess his/her readiness to meet the set objectives. This is precisely important as it allows a client in question to conveniently receive the required services without experiencing any unusual changes. Before coming up with any form of the rehabilitation plan the United States Constitution dictates that each of the parties involved in the process should be eligible for their respective positions. In this case the counselor should have adequate knowledge on what needs to e did to ensure that he/she issues the most suiting services to the clients. Similarly the customer must have been involved in the irregular activity in their lives before they are named after the other until the problem is sufficiently fixed. Informed vocational choices are more likely to emerge in a scenario where the client is unable to commit to the rehabilitation exercise fully. In such a case the counselor is mandated with the role of ensuring that relevant plans are set in due time to ensure that the level of client involvement is adequately taken into account. To allow clients to be committed to showing up for their respective sessions the counselor should always be ready to devise a time management plan that incorporates the use of the client’s time (Reynolds 54). Works Cited BIBLIOGRAPHY Reynolds Cecil R and Elaine Fletcher-Janzen. Concise Encyclopedia of Special Education. New York: : Wiley 2004. Print. Rubin Richard t. Roessler Phillip d. Rumrill jr. Foundations of the vocational rehabilitation process 7th edition; . Stanford n.d.
Ch9 & 10 Discussions
Ch9: What are the 5 major factor areas discussed in the text in regards to the “information processing questions related to rehabilitation plan development”? What are the key factors and themes of these areas? Which of these do you think are the most & least significant for the consumer as well as for the provider?
Ch10: When discussing “client involvement in rehabilitation planning” informed vocational choices result when clients do what? Of these which do you see as the most significant and why? How do we as the counselor get the consumer involved? Please provide examples. THREE PAGES EVERY CHAPTER ONE PAGE AND HALF, PLEASE DO NOT LEAF ANY SPACE FOR MY NAME OR THE TEACHER NAME.
DEADLINE IS 02/11/18.

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