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Name Instructor Course Date Unilever swot analysis Unilever Company operates in almost 190 countries globally. It is usually associated with the production of the fast moving consumer goods. It is associated with the culture and traditions of high-quality products which make the company compete favorably in the market (Hindustan Unilever Limited Swot Analysis). Despite the emerging threats and harsh competition environment the company can use its strength to exploit the current opportunity thus making it able to withstand its position in the market. Strengths Unilever operates in almost 190 countries therefore has is a well-known company. Operating in all these countries means that the consumers in these countries know the Unilever brand (“Innovation in Unilever”). Thus the company has broad and wide-ranging portfolio of brands and differentiated commodities makes the company image by positioning its brand in the market. It should use its strength to exploit the current opportunity in the marketplace. It should turn its weakness into strength (Wittmann and Reuter 17). Discover other competitive advantages over their competitors. Lastly the Unilever should come up with new strategies to compete favorably in the Asian markets. Creativity and innovation can help then come up with unique products which customers can differentiate. To differentiate this product should have a new appearance that is for example new packaging. This product should also satisfy the customers need. Works Cited Hindustan Unilever Limited Swot Analysis. MarketLine n.d.. “Innovation in Unilever.” Unilever UK & Ireland Wittmann Robert G and Matthias P. Reuter. Strategic Planning: How to Deliver Maximum Value Through Effective Business Strategy. Kogan Page 2008.
1. current performance
2. resource and capability analysis
3. value chain analysis

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