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Case Study Analysis

Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Introduction Apple is an American technology-based organization that in essence incorporates design manufacture and marketing of the various diversified range of technological products. Founded in 1976 Apple is among the world leading designer and integrator of computer software and hardware (Thomke & Feinberg 2012). Apple however has tasted both ends of economic deviations. According to Fass (2011) Apple was a mess in 1996 when it faced crises that almost saw it dissolved but today boasts of high equity turn over overtaking the likes of market capitalization giants such as Microsoft IBM and Intel. Role of Steve Jobs at Apple(Q.4) Steve Jobs had immense contribution to Apple’s success. After being sucked from an organization he co-founded in 1976 and returning to the same company at the verge of its collapse to resuscitate it and make it worth the mention in the world of technology venturing in new business models but instead focus on direct sales Apple took this opportunity to analyze risks in experimental designs of new business models by defying conventional business logic to embrace the establishment of retail stores as opposed to direct sales and distribution models. In conclusion Apple continues to capture a large market share due to different strategies employed by the company. Right from having the right person for the right role for example reinstating Steve Jobs in the organization to a range of products uniquely built to suit customer satisfaction Apple remains the best ahead of the rest. Works Cited; Fass R. How Steve Jobs Changed Apple (2011). Retrieved March 20 2018 from S. & Feinberg B. Design Thinking and Innovation at Apple. Think Different (2012). Center for Work Life. Intelligence Outcomes for Success “The leadership Qualities of Steve Jobs.” (2013). Retrieved March 22 2018 from
I attached both files case study one and questions one (need to find answers for 4 questions from instruction attached file)

This assessment will encourage you to explore the methods and approaches undertaken by a leading organisation and to critique a global brand name. The aim of this assessment is to identify the success of Apple. Students will

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identify the attributes of the people, places, products and approaches that have made Apple the most valuable company in the world, with regards to market capitalisation.

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