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Case Analysis: Tesla Motors

(Name) (Instructors’ name) (Course) (Date) Executive Summary The purpose of this report was to establish and analyze the possible challenges faced by Tesla a company specialized in manufacturing of electric cars and battery technology. This report considered internal and external hurdles that hinder the growth of the organization. The analysis of Tesla revealed that the company has challenges in business classification and valuation competition from traditional and electric car vendors and lack of standardization in charging technology. After further research on the problems affecting the company I recommended that restructuring of the company through splitting increase awareness of how cheap electric cars are in the long run and finally lobby for government intervention to implement universal standards in the electric car industry. Case Analysis Report on Challenges of Tesla Statement of the Problem One of the major challenges that Tesla’s face is on its valuation and business model where up with their specification. Tesla should lobby through the International Organization for Standards to compel all vendors to stick the industry standards. As a contingency plan Tesla can lobby for the U.S.A government to put restrictions that all EV’s developed or imported to the country should have industry charging standards. Work CitedBogenschneider Bret N. and Ruth Heilmeier. “Google’s’ Alphabet Soup’in Delaware.” (2016). . Baer Drake and Richard Feloni. “Here Are The 2 Main Reasons Why Giant Companies Like HP Split In Half.” Business Insider 2014 Bakker J. “Contesting range anxiety: The role of electric vehicle charging infrastructure in the transportation transition.” Eindhoven University of Technology 18 (2011). Evans Pete. “The Abcs Of Google’s Switch To Become Alphabet Inc..” CBC News 2015 Grant Robert M. “Tesla Motors: Disrupting the Auto Industry.” (2015) McKirdy Euan. “Electric Car Industry To ‘Suffer’ From Cheap Oil Elon Musk Says.” Cnnmoney 2016
The case is provided; after reading the case, the writer needs to write 5-page case analysis, with provided formate (subtitles). The writer needs to “identify 2 to 3 problems” and “develop 2 to 3 possible solutions to the problems identified”

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