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Career Goals

Name: Course: Professor: Date: Career Goals In recent years patients have been suffering and dying with various undetected diseases as a result of poor diagnostic tools. Initially people’s health has been threatened by this condition until the discovery of the ultrasound technology. Sonography also known as ultrasonography is an alternative for radiologic procedures which replaces the use of radiation with sound to diagnose medical conditions. This technology has proportionately improved the rate of life work as medical assistance in the hospital. For me my desire and ambition to pursue this career are self-driven within objective to save a life. A very noble act. Challenging the technology to improve the results and use the acquired skills to create awareness and a platform for consultations if need be. Given that I believe in thinking differently I intend to make a difference in this field of career using the ultrasound technology.
Watch Simone Sineks ” The Golden Cirlce” write a 2 pages double spaced on Why you want to pursue your career as Sonography.

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