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Capital Investment Plan Proposal Topic

Capital Investment Plan Proposal (Student Name) (Professor`s Name) (Institution) (Date) Capital investment plan proposal Planning a business and determining how to raise capital go together and a well-established business plan is important in attracting the venture capital. The capital investment represents the funds that are invested in a firm or a business enterprise with the aim of expanding and furthering the business objectives. It may also be acquisition of assets such as machinery by a company and this help to boost the productivity of the firm. The sources of the capital required includes banks investors venture capital or even angel investors (Alcock & Steiner 2017) Executive summary This outlines the very compelling vision to reshape the health services offered to deliver women in Cannes Hospital. The heart of it falls in that there is highly profiled redesigned better quality services to cater to the high needs of delivering mothers ensures that by the development of a new maternal home the hospital will not generate losses but rather gets some profits and at the same time satisfy the needs of delivering mothers by offering better and qualified services (Sevilir 2009). The following chart represents the structure of the investment team and their contribution in terms of capital venture Conclusion In conclusion favorable financial aids will help in building the maternal home and this will eliminate the delivery problems fully in the hospital. References Alcock J. & Steiner E. (2017). The Interrelationships between REIT Capital Structure and Investment. Abacus  53(3) 371-394. Sevilir M. (2009). Human Capital Investment New Firm Creation and Venture Capital. SSRN Electronic Journal. Crainer S. (2010). EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: STAFFING AGENCIES: KNOW YOUR WORKERS. Business Strategy Review  21(3) 72-73. KUMAR P. & LI D. (2016). Capital Investment Innovative Capacity and Stock Returns. The Journal Of Finance  71(5) 2059-2094.
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