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Business System Analysis

Name Professor Course Date Business System Analysis: Decision matrix The decision matrix consists of a list of values represented in columns and rows. The matrix is crucial as it provided the best and systematic analysis when determining the rate in which the performance would be once the proposed system is implemented. This could be done by setting Cited Klein Gary A. Sources of power: How people make decisions. MIT press 2017. Salmerona Jose L. and Florentin Smarandacheb. “Redesigning Decision Matrix Method with an indeterminacy-based inference process.” Multispace and Multistructure. Neutrosophic Transdisciplinarity (100 Collected Papers of Sciences) 4 (2010): 151. Sy Thomas L. Beach and L. S. D’Annunzio. “Challenges and strategies of matrix organizations.” Human Resource Planning28.1 (2005): 39-48.
Now that you have completed your decision matrix, you will discuss your decision-making process and how you have used the matrix. For this discussion, you should NOT post your matrix but rather use it as a tool to evaluate your business. In your initial post, address the following:

Explain how you could use the matrix in a different business/technology scenario. Give an example.
What was the most challenging part of applying this matrix to the final project?
What recommendations would you make to change your project, given some of the challenges you faced?

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