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Business plan project

Business plan for a coffee shop Name of student Institution Type of business The business will be a coffee shop by the name steamed mugs coffee shop. The form of the business will be a sole proprietorship. This form of business allows one to own the business alone to avoid the risks that are associated with other business forms like partnership and corporation. Businesses that are sole proprietorships are easy to start and maintain since they need a small initial amount of capital to set up. Despite a sole proprietorship being the simplest form of business one would not sleep on the wheel as he may be required to comply with permit laws and local registration for the business to be termed as legitimate. In this form of business the owner will be the one liable for paying the business debts and income tax. Sole proprietorship businesses do not significance in the whole world. The business will take its initiative of protecting the environment through the following manners; it will preserve the natural resources and take appropriate steps to prevent pollution of the environment and maintain the ecological balance. Responsibility to partners or suppliers Steamed mug will build a solid partnership with the suppliers and make sure that there is a win-win relationship that benefits both. Regular orders for purchase will be made. Fair credit policy will be made and the payments will be made promptly. Responsibility to community/local society Steamed mug coffee shop will take some of the profits made to improve some of the education and civic facilities in the community. It will also take an initiative to ensure that the wastes are disposed of in a manner that will prevent environmental pollution and maintain the ecological balance. This will help build a better society  
Please look at the instructions carefully. I was thinking of a spa. You can be creative. Make sure to research if possible and read the instructions in the picture carefully. Everything is literally on it

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