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Business Organisations and Environment Global Context

Name Professor Course Date Assessment of Spain’s Business Environment Based on Danone’s Food Products INTRODUCTION 1.1 Organization The name of the Organization is Danone Limited. DANONE is a French multinational focus in food-products based in Paris at Boulevard Haussmann 9th arrondissement Paris -France. DANONE was founded in Barcelona Spain. DANONE is present in over 130 markets and generated sales of €21.9 billion in 2016 with more than half in emerging countries. This assessment aims to expand even more to the emerging nations. The Company’s new global equilibrium is the result of our geographical diversification and expansion strategy in the mid-199s. 1.2 Allocation Country The country of allocation is Spain in the continent of Europe the Iberian Peninsula which includes 17 autonomous regions of diverse geographical features and cultures. Madrid is the capital housing the Royal Palace. Barcelona is the capital city of Catalonia with modern landmarks like the church “Spain – Unemployment Rate 2022 | Statistic.” Statista 2017 of yogurt ranked number of users in Spain in 2016 (in 1 000 people) Exclusive Premium Statistic. “Leading Yogurt Brands In Spain 2016 | TGI Survey.” Statista 2017 Danone-Danonecom-Prod.S3.Amazonaws.Com 2017 E. Dobbs Michael. “Guidelines for applying Porter’s five forces framework: a set of industry analysis templates.” Competitiveness Review 24.1 (2014): 32-45. Eva Malcolm et al. “Business analysis.” BCS 2014. Investing from the bottom up | Healthy food sales in fast-growth markets | Fidelity. (2017). Retrieved 13 December 2017 from of companies in the Spanish food and beverage industry as of January 2016 s. (2017). Spanish food industry: companies by sector 2016 | Statistic. Statista. Retrieved 13 December 2017 from Sales of Danone worldwide from 2011 to 2016 division (in million euros) Exclusive Premium Statistic. “Sales Of Danone Worldwide By Division 2016 | Statistic.” Statista 2017 –
2500 word report Allocated country: SPAIN Assesment of the business environment prevailing in the country. Focus on a business organization: DANONE Provide analysis of the business organization that may look to expand its business activity in relation to the particular country > SPAIN< The report should include relevant tables, graphs and statistic , together with an accompanying commentary of these, in order to provide specific details- especially with regards to the business environment. Use analytical framework i.e. PESTLE and Porter's 5 Forces

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