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Business innovation

Name: Tutor: Course: Date: A Business Innovation Case for the Implementation of a New Product or Service The Scope of the Problem A major social problem that exists in modern society is gender inequality. Gender equality can be defined as the as the unequal access to opportunities and equal treatment regardless of gender (Walby 323). Evidently from global figures on wage gaps and labor participation the problem of gender inequality is still prevalent. The biggest obstacles to gender inequality in the twenty-first century are societal norms and value on gender. As a result these belief systems adversely impact the ability of individuals to take advantage of opportunities in both their social and professional lives. The Solution books stores and online retailers ensuring that customers can easily get a soft or hard copy of the book. Proposed Funding Sources for the Product The publishing and distribution of the product will not require a significant amount of funds. As such funding for the project will primarily come from grants from non-governmental organizations that deal with the empowerment of women. However funding for the expansion of production will come from private lending institutions such as banks. References Amabile Teresa M. “The social psychology of creativity: A componential conceptualization.” Journal of personality and social psychology 45.2 (1983): 357. Walby Sylvia. “Gender mainstreaming: Productive tensions in theory and practice.” Social Politics: International Studies in Gender State & Society 12.3 (2005): 321-343.
Write a business innovation case for the implementation of a book on the issue of gender inequality. In this, write solely on the characteristics aspect on the book and how it will be viable as I have written in the instructions document attached

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