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Business innovation case for gender inequality

Name: Tutor Course Date: Business Innovation Case for Gender Inequality The Gap That in Market the Product will Fill Gender equality is an important topic in modern society as it advocates for equal treatment and opportunities regardless of an individual’s gender. Despite significant strides in gender inequality in the twenty-first century the problem still exists. A significant obstacle to archiving gender inequality are misconceptions about gender roles and a profit paying back a loan with interest will not be a problem. References Subrahmanian R. (2005). Gender equality in education: Definitions and measurements. International Journal of Educational Development 25(4) 395-407.Vameghi R. Mohammad K. Karimloo M. Soleimani F. & Sajedi F. (2010). The effects of health education through face to face teaching and educational movies on suburban women in childbearing age. Iranian journal of public health 39(2) 77.
Create a business innovation case for the implementation of a new product or service on Gender Inequality. Its divided into 2 parts first provide a solution and describe what,how,why & who of it.
eg. – Why does your solution need to exist?
• How: might your solution deal with the problem?
• What: might your solution be?
• Who: is involved?
– Who needs it? Who causes it to be needed?
– Where is it? What’s the culture? What’s the context?

then the second part look at the Overview & characteristics of the product/service

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