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Business Computing Report

Business Report Student’s name Number Course Professor Table Contents 1.Introduction 2.Results and Analysis 2.1.Game Sales Analysis 2.2.Publisher Sales Analysis 3.Factors Affecting Sales among Mature Individuals 4.Factors Affecting the Price of a Game 5.Summary 6. Recommendations on How to Offer Lower Prices to Boost Sales for the Games with Low Sale Numbers 7.Recommendations from the Case Study 8. References Introduction In the 21st century online games have increasingly become a significant form of entertainment and electronic commerce application. Investigating how customers accessing online games behave is important for the developers and vendors of such platforms. This report investigates the purchasing characteristics of clients and pursues various recommendations that are designed to help the company in question to maximize its sales. Consumers are key elements in the continuity of any company and they are the main drivers of all industries. Exploring their buying behaviors is essential in helping the firm position features therein and be willing to buy the game. Usually as more buyers get interested and the prices are lowered more sales are made and the company ends up making high profits. Recommendations from the Case Study The game developers should use names that are attractive to the target market when naming the games. The title is the first thing the client meets and it has the power to either grab the attention of the customer or push him or her away. A good name should arouse the user’s inner motives. References Chou C. & Kimsuwan A. (2018). Factors Affecting Purchase Intention of Online Game Prepayment Card-Evidence from Thailand. Retrieved 17 March 2018 from Clayton A. (1981). Factors Affecting Future Online Services. Online Review 5(4) 287-300. Shimp T. & Andrews J. (2013). Advertising Promotion And Other Aspects of Integrated Marketing Communications. Mason Ohio: South-Western Cengage Learning.
2 parts
1a. Making report plan ( around 400 words )
– Write within 4hours
1b. Writing the report ( 1000 words)
– Write within 2 days

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