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Duke Energy Corporation Electric Company: Products and Services Student’s Name Course Instructor Institution Date due Duke Energy Corporation Electric Company: Products and Services Background The onset of the new millennium saw the world encourage joint efforts to ensure sustainability in the provision of energy. In fact one of the millennium development goals focused on environmental sustainability which elaborated more on clean energy provisions. The current scenario highlights on the new strategies adopted by the global economies to champion for and ensure that green energy is a reality so that the objective of environmental sustainability becomes a reality. The United States has many energy companies that deal with different forms of energy provisions and supply to the consumers. The U.S. understands that energy plays a critical role in ensuring the attainment of the other millennium development goals (Gaast Wytze van der 2012). Therefore the formation and support of Duke Energy company standing at $60.4 billion (Statista 2018). Conclusion In conclusion utility companies are essential in the advancement of societies as they ensure a steady supply of energy goods and services that enhance production infrastructural development commercial operations and improved livelihood in homes. A close look of Duke Energy Corporation reveals that it is a utility company focused on environmental sustainability and waste management in line with their continual production and supply. Therefore with an active strategic plan and regular assessment of performance Duke Energy Corporation projects to become the best utility company supplying energy in the United States and beyond. References Editorial  R. (n.d.). ${Instrument_CompanyName} ${Instrument_Ric} Company Profile | Retrieved from Gaast Wytze van der. (2012). Challenges and solutions for climate change. London: Springer. History of Duke Energy Corporation – FundingUniverse. (n.d.). Retrieved from Statista. (2018). Largest electric utility companies worldwide 2017 | Statista. Retrieved from
This will be 1 of 4 papers. Ideally I would like to use the same person for all 4 papers. Essentially, the papers will build on each other. The instructions of the assignments are attached.

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