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Building a Nigerian Restaurant in Canada

Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Title Due Date Building a Nigerian Restaurant in Canada Introduction Restaurants are some of the lucrative businesses in the world. A correct planning would ensure maximum profitability and returns to the investors. Canada is one of the multicultural countries with most people visiting for various purposes. Nigerians are some of the favorite individuals that prefer Canada as their ultimate destination for travel and other purposes. Other people around the world also prefer the Nigerian food culture. The plan aims at evaluating the idea of building Nigerian Restaurants in Canada. Evaluation of the Idea Using the VRINE Strategic Concept The Concept of Value The value of a building a restaurant its operations. Therefore the revenues would be higher than the expenses. Assume that an average of 10 000 customers takes a complete meal in the restaurant. Total revenues obtained would be= 10000 * 22.26= 222 600 USD Per day Assume that the restaurants operate six times in a week that would 48 weeks multiply by 6= 288 days. Total revenues per year would be = $ 64 108 800 Average Quarterly Revenues would be = 64 100 800/4= 16 025 200 USD Assume that a complete dish costs the restaurant 18.00 dollars This means that the annual expenses would be = 18* 10 000* 288= 51 840 000 Annual expenses = 51 840 000
1. Evaluate the idea using strategic concept especially VRINE.(value,rare,inimitability,non-sustainability and exploitability)
2. Do a financial analysis based on research and explanation of assumption with quarterly revenues and expenses for 24 months

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