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Bucket Sort A Bucket Sort Begins With A Single Subscripted Array Of Positive In


(Bucket Sort) A bucket sort begins with a single-subscripted array of positive integers to be sorted and a double-subscripted array of integers with rows subscripted from 0 to 9 and columns subscripted from 0 to n – 1, where n is the number of values in the array to be sorted. Each row of the double-subscripted array is referred to as a bucket. Write a method bucketSort that takes an integer array as an argument and performs as follows:Place each value of the single-subscripted array into a row of the bucket array based on the value’s ones digit. For example, 97 is placed in row 7, 3 is placed in row 3 and 100 is placed in row 0. This is called a “distribution pass.” Loop through the bucket array row by row and copy the values back to the original array. This is called a “gathering pass.” The new order of the preceding values in the single- subscripted array is 100, 3 and 97. Repeat this process for each subsequent digit position (tens, hundreds, thousands, etc.).


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