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Biological Criminal Behavior

Biological Criminal Behavior Name Professor Course Date Biological Criminal Behavior The 1982 trial of John Hinckley Jr. remains to be one of the most famous trials in the history of America (Linder 2007). Hinckley was accused for attempting to assassinate the then President Ronald Reagan in the previous year but the jury’s decision to give a “not guilty” verdict raised great controversies among the people. From an objective evaluation of the mental condition of Hinckley which revealed that the accused was “a troubled young man” the defense team was able to challenge the perception of Hinckley as a “normal All-American boy” from the side of the prosecution (Linder 2007). The court’s decision to discharge the defendant of the assassination charges was based on the plea that Hinckley’s was an insanity case and that he was Hinckley’s life during and after high school is suggestive of the presence of this condition. References Kiehl K. A. & Hoffman M. B. (2011). The criminal psychopath: History neuroscience treatment and economics. Jurimetrics  51 355.Top of Form Stone M. H. (2005). Personality-Disordered Patients: Treatable and Untreatable. Arlington: American Psychiatric Pub.Top of Form Hare R. D. (2011). Without conscience: The disturbing world of the psychopaths among us. New York: Guilford Publications.Top of FormEinstadter W. J. & Henry S. (2006). Criminological theory: An analysis of its underlying assumptions. Lanham Md: Rowman & Littlefield.Top of Form American Psychiatric Association. (2008). Diagnostic and statistical manual mental disorders.Bottom of Form Vacc N. A. DeVaney S. B. & Brendel J. M. (Eds.). (2003). Counseling multicultural and diverse populations: Strategies for practitioners. Routledge.Linder D. (2007). The Trial of John W. Hinckley Jr. Available at SSRN: of Form
Choose a criminal offender who committed crimes due to a biological reason.

Write a paper discussing the genetic or physiological evidence that supports the notion that biology played a key role in explaining the offender’s criminality.

Research the behaviors that constitute psychopathy. Discuss in detail the specific behaviors demonstrated by the offender that align with behaviors indicative of a psychopathic individual. Case examples include the following:

Andrea Yates and the documented evidence of psychiatric issues, including post-partum depression, prior to the murders of her five children
Charles Whitman, known as the Texas Tower Sniper, and the presence of a tumor discovered post-mortem alleged to have played a role in his overt acts of aggression
John Hinckley, Jr. and the documented evidence of psychiatric issues leading to his controversial insanity defense in the shooting of President Ronald Reagan

Include at least two academic references.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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