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BI strategy

Name Professor Course Date Self-Reflection: BI Strategy at a Retailer Store BI strategy involves set of processes tools technologies and architectures used in managing information for effective decision making operational insights and optimization of internal processes as well as gaining competitive advantage in the market their will. As such the BI strategy has affected the retail’s overall business as customers lose confidence in the way the firm handles and stores their data. Works Cited Boyer John et al. Business intelligence strategy: A practical guide for achieving BI excellence. Mc Press 2010.
Think about businesses or organizations where you are a regular customer (grocery stores, retailers, automotive manufacturers, travel and entertainment, etc.) and pick out one where you have observed what appears to be a BI strategy that is touching you in some way. Describe that organization’s BI strategy that includes the following:
• A general description of that strategy from an external perspective (how you see impacting you or others you know).
• Observations on the probable sources of data behind that BI strategy.
• Your perceptions of how that BI strategy has impacted your relationship with the organization (pro or con).
• Have they crossed any ethical boundaries in your opinion? If so, please describe in general terms.
• Finally, reflections on how you think it has affected their overall business. Has it been successful relative to what you think they wanted to accomplish?
• If you used external sources, please include links to any external references

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