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Basketball Vs football

Student’s Name Professor Course Date Basketball verses Football Football and basketball are the most popular type of sports played in different geological zones of the world. In case a kid of any level such as high school or any other person finds themselves in a dilemma of selecting one of the sports to play or cheer. It is vital to find out the characteristics associated basketball and football and contrast qualities to choose one of the sports that appears interesting and matches with also helps to build concentration and self-discipline of a person. It plays an important role in helping people to improve self-esteem and even to manage depression and happily proceed with life. Picture showing basketball game Picture showing football game Work Cited Jewett Rachel et al. “School sport participation during adolescence and mental health in early adulthood.” Journal of Adolescent Health 55.5 (2014): 640-644. Pollard Richard and Miguel-Ángel Gómez. “Comparison of home advantage in college and professional team sports in the United States.” Collegium antropologicum 39.3 (2015): 583-589.
As a subject of a well organized point to point contrast essay. Two beneficial high school level in Texas cone to a conclusion about which one is better for high school student. Use as point of contrast the physical benefits, the social benefits, and the cognitive benefits of the two sports. Basketball Vs football. Make sure your essay contains a clearly stated thesis sentence that sets up your focus and organization. Word process this essay and double space.

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