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Bank of America – diversity

Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Bank of America Diversity The Bank of America Corporation is an organization that has sought to cultivate an inclusive and diverse workplace. Diversity refers to observed distribution of attributes among in in an organization (Akron et al. 311). Within a workplace diversity entails gender age race nationality religion and ethnicity as well gender who an interest in banking to learn more about the sector and how they can kick-start their careers. Works Cited Akron Sagi Feinblit Ofek Hareli Shlomo and Tzafrir Shay. “Employment Arrangements Diversity and Work Group Performance.” Team Performance Management vol. 22 no. 5 2016 pp. 310-330. Maiorescu Roxana D and Brenda J. Wrigley. Diversity in Multinational Corporations. 2016.
i need 350 ford about the diversity in bank of America


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