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Attachment style and Temperament

Attachment Style and Temperament Name: Professor: Course Name: Attachment Style and Temperament Attachment denotes the profound and lasting emotional connection from one individual to another. Attachment is not necessarily reciprocal. However there are specific behaviors that characterize it in children such as the urge to seek proximity whenever threatened or upset. The attachment model is a psychological model which aims to define the changing aspects of short term and long term interpersonal relationships between people. The theory is not generalized hence discourses a specific element. The feature involves human response when separated from their loved ones hurt or noticing a threat. John Bowlby stated that infants develop attachments as a survival tactic due to evolutionary pressures (Santrock 2017). It therefore makes them respond whenever they face dangers or when they need attention. The prime principle of the theory is that children should develop with at least one primary caregiver. in influencing behavior and development. It is because I wish to see my child growing up in a socially responsible manner and be able to maintain healthy relationships in the future. Besides the stages in which a child develops attachment and temperament is helpful in ensuring that I cater for my child’s needs by responding effecting through each stage of their development (Santrock 2017). References Ainsworth Mary D. Salter. Patterns of attachment: a psychological study of the strange situation. Routledge 2015. Jones Jason D. et al. “Parents’ Self-Reported Attachment Styles.” Personality and Social Psychology Review vol. 19 no. 1 2014 pp. 44–76. doi:10.1177/1088868314541858. Molero Fernando et al. “Attachment insecurities life satisfaction and relationship satisfaction from a dyadic perspective: The role of positive and negative affect.” European Journal of Social Psychology vol. 47 no. 3 2017 pp. 337–347. doi:10.1002/ejsp.2276. Santrock John W. Essentials of Life-Span Development. 5th ed. McGraw-Hill 2017.
Attachment Style and Temperament
For this assignment you will explore the theories of Attachment style, Child Temperament and Goodness of Fit parenting.

Provide a summary of attachment theory and the different styles of attachment that we see in child development. Consider the following questions:

How does infant attachment style develop? How does temperament develop?

If you were a parent making decisions about raising your child, what information would you use from the research on attachment, temperament and goodness of fit?

How does infant attachment style relate to adult relationships? How does infant temperament relate to adult characteristics?

This assignment should be approximately 4 pages long. In addition, please include an APA style cover page and reference page. You should provide a minimum of 4 APA style references for this assignment. Your textbook may be used as a reference. At least one reference should be a peer reviewed journal article.

Research and APA Format
As you begin your assignments please take a few minutes to review these materials on how to complete research and how to use APA formatting. Part of your grade will depend on the correct use of APA style. You are expected to include a cover page, in text citations and final references. An abstract is not necessary. Please also make sure you are familiar with an “academic” source as these are required to support your ideas in the three assignments this term.

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