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Name of the Student Instructor’s name Course Name Date Corporate Social Responsibility Corporate social responsibility is one of the key realities in the 21st century when carrying out business everywhere in the world. CSR is not about pressuring companies to engage in philanthropic practices rather is establishing norms aiming at serving societal needs. CSR can be defined as the responsibility of a company of being responsive to needs or duties beyond the firms designated role or function (book). In others words this is when a firm goes ahead to perform functions aimed at helping the society at large. Corporate social responsibility has been one of the many objectives that are spearheaded by the managers of the firm. The concept to the farmers but also the company goes ahead to help farmers in applying the best practices to ensure profitable production. Green practices should be mandatory. This because from a CSR stand point the main objective of the firm is not about generating income and developing economies but also it is by addressing societal expectations concerning the firm’s environmental role. The firms should be prepared to pay green taxes for emission carbon emissions in other words knowns as carbon pricing. For example some of the US firms such as google Microsoft Dow Chemical among others participate in CSR activities voluntarily (book). However green taxes should be made mandatory. Work Cited “ALL PRODUCTS”. Level Ground Trading 2018 Accessed 11 Mar 2018.
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