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At least 400 words – case study ” walt disney transitonal manager”

Case: Dennis Hightower – Walt Disney’s Transitional Manager Name Institution Pacing and Sequencing of Hightower’s Actions (1988-1994) The appointment of Denis Hightower as Disney Consumer Product’s vice president in 1987 according to Jick & Peiperl (2011). Denis Hightower’s job description as led various operations across Europe was to organize the company’s apparel. Tucker et al. (2015) observed that change agents are significant since they value the immediacy of change as well as facilitate the transition of processes by coordination of resources and solving problems. The vice president’s primary goal was to grow the business operations across Europe. For instance Hightower began the operation in 1988 by moving organization? Building a transnational company or organization has a lot of challenges. Based on the country of origin various factors have to be considered for example communication gender differences business practices distance issues and cultural differences. References Jick T. D. & Peiperi M. A. (2011). Managing change: Cases and concepts (3rd ed.). New York NY: McGraw Hill. Sanin C. & Szczerbicki E. (2006). Using set of experience in the process of transforming information into knowledge. International Journal of Enterprise Information Systems  2(2) 45-62. Tucker D.A. Hendy J. and Barlow J. (2015). The importance of role sending in the sense making of change agent roles. Journal of Health Organization and Management 29(7) pp. 1047–1064.
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