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Assignment: Final Draft

Assignment: Final Draft First Name Last Name Institution In most organizations resistance to change can be considered as a common aspect. People are more accustomed to one position within the organization and the way that an activity or operations are conducted and as such once the change is introduced they sought to resist it with the aim of maintaining the current status quo. Most of the times the resistance is mostly aligned to aspects such as fear of losing the position or increase of tasks and workload within the organization (Anderson 2010). Therefore an OD has an important role when it comes to the identification and addressing of resistance to change within an organization. the change. Mr. Harold is the introduction of the CTO positions and also the hotel expanding to other regions outside America and as such he ought to be enlightened on the benefits of introducing this position such as the integration of technology within the company and the increased business that the company will have in the event that it expands to new countries. References Anderson D. & Anderson L. A. (2010). Beyond change management: How to achieve breakthrough results through conscious change leadership. John Wiley & Sons. Worren N. A. Ruddle K. & Moore K. (2014). From organizational development to change management: The emergence of a new profession. The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science  35(3) 273-286.
You made it! You are now ready to make a final edit and proofread of your revised draft. At this stage, you have already made substantive revisions to your work. You are now fine-tuning your writing to ensure you have correct grammar and punctuation and that there are no other errors. Congratulations!
To prepare for this Assignment:
Review the Learning Resources on proofreading.
Review the Learning Resources on grammar and punctuation.
The Assignment:
Revise the two paragraphs from your Week 6 Assignment again, ensuring you have completed a full and careful proofreading of your 1- to 2-page summative narrative.
using the APA Course Paper Template. Your final draft should be 1–2 pages long

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