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Assignment Benchmark – Social Issue Analysis and Response

Social Issue Analysis and Response: Abortion Student’s Name Course Instructor Institution Date due Social Issue Analysis and Response: Abortion Arguments are statements that are purportedly assumed to be valid by the arguers. Arguments can be deductive or inductive. Besides an assessment of the quality of an argument relies on logic by checking if the premises of an argument support the established conclusion. An argument can be of several origins for example social issues social responses purely philosophical arguments historical premises and natural occurrences among others. Abortion is one of the hotly debated social issues that require an in-depth relook to draw a rational understanding. When an argument is logical with focus on the social issues and responses it addresses aspects that deal with the social life (Copi & Cohen concern of whether the rise of designer babies and drug/substance abuse can alter human thinking and interaction is another issue of contention in seeking to understand issues surrounding abortion. Besides a philosophical attempt to understand the right meaning of a human person draws the thinking of the value of life and how different people view life in the light of thinking about the rest of the society—reproduction to ensure humans are not distinct. References Copi I. M. & Cohen C. (2016). Essentials of logic (11th ed.). London: Routledge. Smelser N. J. & Baltes P. B. (2001). International encyclopedia of the social & behavioral sciences: Vol. 21. (International encyclopedia of the social & behavioral sciences.) Amsterdam [etc.: Elsevier. Vaidya A. J. (2013). Epistemic responsibility and critical thinking. Metaphilosophy 44(4) 533-556.
Your skills that have been practiced throughout the course will be assessed in this paper and conclude with you constructing your own argument on a position. Your argument can be a contradiction, a support, or an alteration of the argument you’ve research. Whichever you choose should be sufficiently supported with materials covered throughout the course and your own outside research.
This assignment should continue with the social issue research conducted in Topic 2
In 750-1,000 words
Summarize the position/argument researched. This should be presented in a clear logical form. This includes translating their rhetoric into: premises and conclusion, identifying the category of propositions, and quality and quantity of the parts.
Identify the assumptions of the position by drawing inferences from their communicated proposition to their position regarding human dignity.
Construct a valid and sound argument that contradicts, challenges, or improves the position of the organization.
At least three academic peer-reviewed sources are required for this paper.

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