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Assignment: Are You a Social Entrepreneur?wk1bh

Are You a Social Entrepreneur? First Name Last Name Institution Entrepreneurship can be defined as being able to carry out an activity and also being courageous enough to commit and face all the challenges and failure that is posed. It involves utilizing past intelligence and experiences to reach good decisions (Cassar 2014). Social entrepreneurship on the other hand refers to an entrepreneur who takes up social innovations and projects that bring a change in society. Some characteristics define entrepreneurs; therefore this paper will be looking at the identified top five characteristics and how they can be social entrepreneurship strengths. One of the characteristics of entrepreneurship as it is important in building a strong social enterprise. It helps them to make tough decisions such as where and how to invest which will have the desired outcome. Lastly they are self-motivated which helps them in facing all the hardships that may come their way. It enables them to formulate unique solutions to deal with the issues they tackle. References Cassar G. (2014). Industry and startup experience on entrepreneur forecast performance in new firms. Journal of Business Venturing  29(1) 137-151. Levine R. & Rubinstein Y. (2017). Smart and illicit: who becomes an entrepreneur and do they earn more?. The Quarterly Journal of Economics  132(2) 963-1018.
An entrepreneur is a unique type of individual. Entrepreneurs are not afraid of taking risks, are not afraid to put their reputations on the line, and, most importantly, are not afraid to fail. Extraordinarily successful entrepreneurial ventures like Google, Tesla, or Amazon may receive the most attention, but the fact is that the majority of companies fail in their first year. There are many reasons for this; for example, sometimes the business model is not profitable enough, the business runs out of investment funding, or it turns out that a product prototype cannot be put into production. Successful entrepreneurs persist through these difficulties. They realize the road to success is not easy and that there will be many obstacles. An entrepreneur is someone who is willing to accept these risks and obstacles as part of the journey, who enjoys struggle, and who accepts failure as the possible price for persevering through struggle.
In this Assignment, you will take an entrepreneurial self-assessment survey and then use the results to identify your five highest scoring entrepreneurial characteristics. Then, you will explain how these may represent strengths in social entrepreneurship ventures.
To prepare for this Assignment:
Complete the Entrepreneurial Self-Assessment Survey by The Women’s Initiative for Self-Employment. The link for this survey is found in this week’s Learning Resources. Using your results, identify your five highest scoring entrepreneurial characteristics.
Consider how your personal entrepreneurial characteristics might inform your pursuit of a specific social-entrepreneurial venture within behavioral health.
The Assignment:
Compose a 2- to 4-page paper in which you respond to the following:
Provide a description of your five highest rated entrepreneurial characteristics from the survey.
Explain one way each characteristic could represent a strength in social entrepreneurship ventures.

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