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Assignment 9

Students name: Professor: Course: Date: Job Roles: Walmart’s Zero Waste Facility Job Role Competencies/Skills Critical Actions Key Results Unit Business Goals Company Goals Recycle Specialist How to deliver presentations in a professional manner How to work in a team and enhance co-operation How to plan and evaluate waste management options Investigate life expectancy of consumable products and come up with other options. Assist in budget preparation and costs concerning environmental compliance and waste management skills. To enhance efficiency in reducing reusing recycling recovering which will help the company achieve its goals. These people with come up with programs and initiatives which are practical in order to ensure the achievement of a more circular economy and they will help in reducing waste hence creation of innovative products for customers. Work cited Denend Lyn and Erica L. Plambeck. Wal-Mart’s sustainability strategy. Stanford Graduate School of Business Stanford University 2007. Lounsbury Michael. “Institutional sources of practice variation: staffing College and university recycling programs.” Administrative science quarterly 46.1 (2001): 29-56.
Please see attached guideline.

1. Create 3 Impact map for following Job Role to achieve:
– Walmart’s Zero Waste Facility
(Recyle Specialists, Reusuable Energy Specialists, Zero Waste Program Coordinators) – You can change the job role if needed…

2. Write 1 paragragh explaining how these 3 roles can help achieve Walmart’s goal “Zero Waste Facility”

3. Please see Grade Rubric at the bottom

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