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Artist statement for applying college

Name Tutor Institution Date How my Art reflects CCA’s values and Contribute to Cultural Innovation Ingenuity and originality are two key aspects in artistic studies. These concepts play a vital role in the overall success of an expressionist artist as well as enabling them to initiate desired cultural transformation within their communities. According the mission of the CCA appropriate development of artistic practice defines the ability of the artist to initiate will have an immense value towards the transformation of not only my society but the globe in its entirety. With these forms of societal engagements and involvement in aspects such as environmental conservation and management alongside pioneering the development of artistic skills among the middle school kids I believe my contributions are imperative and these reflects the core values of the CCA as well as significant contributions in the said fields.
I am looking for the one that can make a beautiful story by talking with me about my background, and editing the essay by my art work portfolio, so I am looking for the one that understand the art or an art major people. These price is for 5 essays. The price can be discuss as long as you do really understand art and good at artist statement.

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