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Article Response

First Name Last Name Instructor Course 2 October 2017 Article Response Community policing as it has been stated in the article isn’t as popular as people and police officers would like to be. It is expected of police officers to use aggressive force whenever they want to quench riots or demonstrations. This is right to a certain extent because one organize community cleanups or supply snacks or drinks to annual town meetings and fairs. This will ensure that the police and the community are in good terms which have been known to reduce crime greatly. Work Cited Abbey-Lambertz Kate and Joseph Erbentraut. “The Simple Strategies That Could Fundamentally Change How Communities View Their Police.” HuffPost. N.p. 2015. Web. 2 Oct. 2017.
Follow the link to an article on strategies used to change how communities view their police departments. This article discusses the strategies and techniques some police departments have taken to regain trust and confidence from their respective communities.

Please give a response on your thoughts and feelings of the techniques used, what appears more successful and what could be done to further increase trust and confidence of the police by their communities.


Instructions for this assignment:
•One page in length
•Double spaced, 12 point, Times New Roman font.
•Please discuss your thoughts on the dilemma posed.

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