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Article essay

Name Tutor Affiliation Date Article Analysis Effects of Grades and Money on Grading System Steven Vogel’s piece of work Grades and money tries to answers some questions based on the overall importance of earning higher grades in college. To the majority of the students getting good grades in college is a clear assurance of more opportunities when it comes to venturing into careers. Chances of achieving high-Grade point average (GPA) are only increased by earning higher grades in the class. This according to Stephen implies that money is paid for grades and learning. This relationship between money and grades in effect ensures that the grading system is purely aimed at covering the course syllabus contents as compared explanation on learning that it reduces the narrow-mindedness and fanaticism levels are right. Education is thus not a bad thing since it encourages excellent results for persons community and country. In conclusion Michael observes that educated people will always be expected to have better lives live healthier lives and make greater contributions to the society (Hout 2012). The expectations are irrespective of whether the learning institutions do little more than certifying the smart students only or not. Works Cited Appiah Kwame Anthony. “What is the point of college.” New York Times Magazine 8 (2015). Hout Michael. “Social and economic returns to college education in the United States.” Annual Review of Sociology38 (2012): 379-400. Vogel Steven. “Grades and money.” Dissent 44.4 (1997): 102-104.
a very rough draft relating “Grades and Money” by steven vogel and “What Is the Point of College?”by kwame anthony to your own experience. Also find a additional article that relates to both article and summarize the ideas the author of the article presents.

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