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Argument against the death penalty

Argument Against Death Penalty Name Institutional Affiliation Introduction The use of capital punishment in the pursuit of justice has yielded one of the greatest ethical dilemmas in the history of humankind. Death penalty refers to death punishment by the judicial system for extremely serious crimes. Since its institution some of the fundamental questions revolving about capital punishment have emerged. Such questions include whether taking someone’s life should be considered as a just punishment? Is it possible to morally justify capital punishment? Is the life of a criminal less significant to as compared to that of others? In the contemporary society the concept of life has completely lost its meaning due to the practice of death penalty. Systems allowing death penalty view the convicts as lesser human beings. Despite the rationalization demand of capital punishment capital punishment is still practised in some of the greatest nations in the world such  A. (2015). The Death Row: An Argument for Death Penalty Abolition? SSRN Electronic Journal. D’Ascoli  S. (2007). Sentencing Contempt of Court in International Criminal Justice: An Unforeseen Problem Concerning Sentencing and Penalties. Journal of International Criminal Justice 5(3) 735-756. Godwin  C. D. (2012). Death Penalty: Juveniles. Encyclopedia of Murder and Violent Crime. McDermott  D. (2001). A Retributivist Argument against Capital Punishment. Journal of Social Philosophy 32(3) 317-333. Miller  M. K. Chamberlain  J. & Vargas  J. H. (n.d.). Mental Illness and the Death Penalty. Encyclopedia of Psychology and Law. Oliver  K. (2013). Death Penalties: Ethics Politics and the Unconscious of Sovereignty. Technologies of Life and Death 188-218. Phillips  S. (2009). Status Disparities in the Capital of Capital Punishment. Law & Society Review 43(4) 807-838. Prejean. (n.d.). California Death Penalty Declared Unconstitutional: July 16 2014. Historic Documents of 2014 321-329. Reckless  W. C. (1969). The Use of the Death Penalty. Crime & Delinquency 15(1) 43-56.
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