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Are the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer

Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Title Due Date ARE THE RICH GETTING RICHER AND THE POOR GETTING POORER? Introduction Inequality has emerged around the world on economic issues with the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. In the past generation the economy was equally distributed with the middle class being the main focus. There was progress in reducing poverty although that is no longer the case. The share of income going to the people at the top is increasing significantly with little or nothing at all left for the low class. Wages are stagnant and the family incomes are not growing as fast (Kiyosaki 98). The world is developing into a Downton Abbey economy where the numbers of people in the top-class are reducing and the larger Otherwise they will not move forward and make their lives better. Conclusion In conclusion the rich are getting richer while the poor are getting poorer due to many reasons. Unfair taxation plutocracy Weak social safety power and Lack of spending power are some of the causes for the inequality. The rich continue to rule while the poor are getting poorer as a result of these reasons. The best way to solve this is by encouraging globalization and solving the issues at the country level with the help of the political leaders and policymakers. Works cited Morris Donald. Tax Cheating: Illegal but Is It Immoral?Albany: Excelsior Editions 2012. Internet resource. Introduction to Data Mining with Case Studies 2015. Print. Kiyosaki Robert T. Why the Rich Are Getting Richer. Plata Publishing 2017. Print.
Minimum of 750 words of text. Have a minimum of three citation in the text from three different sources and have a work cited Page at the end of the essay using current MLA format. In the first paragraph you must have a strong thesis statement. Avoid the use of second person (YOU) and first person (I or We)in your writing. Do not underline any words. Do not use bold type,Use MLA format,use front size 12,use time new Roman, use only double spacing. Use the the identity information on the upper left hand corner of the paper and a header on the upper right hand side of the paper

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