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Students name Instructors name Course Date Globalization The word globalization is not a new concept to a majority of us. Once in a while we have come in contact with this name. However as much as we might have an idea of what globalization is there is always this query that exists among us and this is the question: is globalization good or bad? It is a critical kind of question which can only be proven through facts. But before determining the answer to the above query it is vital an analysis is done on this phenomenon; what it is all about as well as what has it done or rather what are its effects. To start globalization is the process by which governments companies as well as individuals from different places of origin do choose to come together interact and later on integrate to be one (Ariely 2). those giant companies and the effect of this is that nation sovereignty has been undermined significantly whereas the ability of the citizens to hold their governments responsible has also been tampered with. Leading to environmental damage and some law breakages as this large organizations possess more power (McMichael 1335). Conclusively looking at the pros and cons of globalization and by the fact that it is like a tsunami that can be stopped it is apparently clear that globalization has been so advantageous to businesses and consumers alike marked with the free flow of goods capital and information for the benefit of them all. Works cited Ariely Gal. “Globalization and global identification: a comparative multilevel analysis.” National Identities (2016): 1-17. Christensen Bent Jesper and Carsten Kowalczyk. “Introduction to Globalization: Strategies and Effects.” Globalization. Springer Berlin Heidelberg 2017. 1-16. McMichael Anthony J. “Globalization climate change and human health.” New England Journal of Medicine 368.14 (2013): 1335-1343.
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