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Analyzing commercial

Name Professor Course Date A split second decision without clear consent can result in a mistake fatal or not. The New Zealand road safety advert starts with a scenic view showing two vehicles one on a seemingly speeding in a main road and another joining the road at a junction. In an attempt to ensure the way is clear the man in the vehicle on a brief stop looks both directions of the road ahead and decides to proceed. The view on his right shows an approaching vehicle but the gentleman decides to join the road nevertheless. The driver in the approaching vehicle seemingly shocked by the decision of the other driver to join the road shifts his leg from the gas pedal to the brake pedal bringing the car to a stop. Tension builds up and a brief conversation follows revealing the reality now downing on each of per a viewer’s concentration span. So as to reduce viewer speculations the advert ends with the intended message on mistakes and road safety “other people make mistakes slow down”(0.57). “A simple story well told is easily remembered. Too many cuts and complex stories create confusion and obscure your storyline. It’s that simple.”(Beard). The commercial advert ‘Mistakes’ by New Zealand on road safety clearly delivers the message that no one is perfect in and observation of speed limits is key in ensuring road safety. Through a careful simple setting and selection of an interesting storyline leads to the adverts’ message in a keen way. All the way from the start of the advert to the conclusion each instance has a message to deliver. Work cited “‘Mistakes’ New Zealand Road Safety Advert.” 2018 jMGuE&spfreload=10. Accessed 15 Feb 2018. Box Effective. “Effective Advertising—More Than A Creative Black Box.” Nielsen.Com 2014
I have and commercial that need to be analyzed I already have the source

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