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Analytical Thinking and Decision Making

ANALYTICAL THINKING AND DECISION MAKING REPORT. Institution Name Professor Course Date ABSTRACT. The aim of this report is to examine the decision-making and decision analysis. Their applications and relevance in the business entity would be analysed. The report revolves around decisions with multiple alternatives and determining their importance and application in business operations. The report would apply the SMART decision analysis to evaluate the decision problems relating to the choice of suppliers of raw materials in the business. This would be accomplished by analysing the concept and identifying the possible outcomes and results as well as the alternatives surrounding the sources of raw materials in an entity. The report would also examine the effectiveness of business decisions and how they influence business success and performance. Specific secondary sources would be applied to analyse the influence of decisions in business and the applicability of the decision analysis. It is therefore Eating Disorder Diagnoses: Reliability and validity of operationalizing DSM—IV criteria into a self-report format. Journal of Counseling Psychology  44(1) p.63. O’Fallon M.J. and Butterfield K.D. 2005. A review of the empirical ethical decision-making literature: 1996–2003. Journal of business ethics  59(4) pp.375-413. Saltelli A. Chan K. and Scott E.M. eds. 2000. Sensitivity analysis (Vol. 1). New York: Wiley. Saltelli A. Tarantola S. Campolongo F. and Ratto M. 2004. Sensitivity analysis in practice: a guide to assessing scientific models. John Wiley & Sons. Simon H.A. 1979. Rational decision making in business organizations. The American economic review  69(4) pp.493-513. Tassabehji R. and Moorhouse A. 2008. The changing role of procurement: Developing professional effectiveness. Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management  14(1) pp.55-68. Triantaphyllou E. 2000. Multi-criteria decision making methods. In Multi-criteria decision making methods: A comparative study (pp. 5-21). Springer Boston MA. Yu Y.W. Yu H.C. Itoga H. and Lin T.R. 2008. Decision-making factors for effective industrial e-procurement. Technology in Society  30(2) pp.163-169.
Discard the Location in question 2 and for reference at least 30 with Harvard referencing style

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