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Amazon’s Contravoursy

Name Instructor Course Date Amazon’s Controversy Jeff Bezos the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Amazon founded the company in the early 90s. That is to be specific in 1994 and then called it Cadabra later half of the word “Abra-Cadabra”. This made people view at the short form it as ‘cadaver’ which literally means dead body this prompted Bezos to change it to Amazon. He thought of the idea literally because of the Amazon River which is actually the biggest in the world thus lending Amazon a ‘big’ sound. From the ancient Greek Amazons indicate one of the nations of women who are warriors of Scythia (Ji et al 854). This gives an idea of greatness and that Bezos wanted his company to star-like ones before Amazonians. Amazon as now established to us is a sales marketplace that had started earlier by selling of books but recently improved its affairs independently. By so doing it will create a favorable environment for the business thus reviving the local industries all together for subsistence consumption and in an advantage of a “commoner”. Amazon has branches in Germany France United States of America and Japan which actually represents the world big economical pillars feeding each other. This is an assurance that Amazon actually credits for 3 to 4 percent of the world offered the job a sense of employment a fact welcomed by all. Work cited Amazon E. C. “Amazon web services.” Available in: aws. amazon. com 2012) (2015). Clark Michael. “Amazon Echo: The Complete User Guide & Manual for Your Amazon Prime Amazon eBooks Web Services & More!.” (2016). Ji Mingyue Giuseppe Caire and Andreas F. Molisch. “Fundamental limits of caching in wireless D2D networks.” IEEE Transactions on Information Theory 62.2 (2016): 849-869. Welch Adrienne. “A cost-benefit analysis of Amazon Prime Air.” (2015).
synthesis paper : Compose a paper that examines each text’s central idea, arguments, and assumptions. Which makes the more persuasive argument? You must use specific evidence (quotes, paraphrases, examples, etc.) from these texts in your paper to support your conclusions (your thesis). You should point out the strengths and weaknesses in both texts, but you will ultimately decide which is stronger. This is not a paper about what you think about the controversy nor which argument you may agree with, but which text makes a better argument and why.

using the following articles from these links


Format: 4-5 pages, using proper MLA format and citation.

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