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Aiding Allies

Aiding Allies Name: School Affiliation: Date: Question A The routes shall be divided into two air and water. Water shall be used to ferry transport to one port and from the port supplies will be carried by palletised load system trucks to the area of destination. I will start with the air travel. A network should be drawn that begins from Boston and reaches London and same network should be created from Jacksonville also to London. The president has stated that each of the star lifters will land at one airstrip refuel and distribute to the three cities in Russia. From London three networks should be made to Rostov Moscow and St. Petersburg. It will be the same case to the other two airfields left in Berlin and Istanbul. A network therefore will be created that starts from Boston or Jacksonville to Berlin or Istanbul and from Berlin three 800 aeroplanes. Furthermore all the ports will have to let in a significant number of trucks travelling through their country. The routes that will be taken up will be as follows; from Jacksonville to London to Moscow and St. Petersburg from Boston to London to Moscow or St. Petersburg and from Jacksonville to Istanbul to Rostov. These will be routes that will be used by aircrafts. Ships will have to dock on every one of the three ports to ensure that they launch as many trucks onto the roads as possible. The routes will be as follows; from Jacksonville or Boston to Hamburg then by road to Moscow and from Jacksonville or Boston to Napoli then to Rostov and From Boston or Jacksonville to Rotterdam them to Moscow or Rostov. Trucks will not be travelling to St. Petersburg therefore no network will be formed. References Aiding Allies Case Study
I need this by tonight PLEASE see the attachments before biding. you have to answer 4 of the questions in the body of the essay.

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