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Advertising & Promotion

Name Professor Course Date Press Release Current Account Switching Service Current account switching service is free to use service for consumer’s small charities small business and small trusts that makes switching currents accounts simple reliable and stress-free. The main purpose of this press release is to analyze effective ways to formulate good marketing structure for the goods and services offered in the market that will enable people to switch their current bank accounts to another bank account. The major objective of this advertising is to reasonable incentive for switching of the bank accounts the switching may be through the internet or physical visiting of the consumer from the old bank to the new intend bank to get more potential consumers in the market to heed a call to action to switching to other new banking service and improve the product availability both in quantity and quality. We intend to as banner and billboard to advertise our services. The digital media includes the usage of the internet social media and social networking to advertise and interact with our consumers. The social media will include Facebook snap chat Instagram Twitter and Google plus to advertise and educate our consumers on our services in the market. In conclusion we intend to make current account switching services in the market the market the best in advertisement and promotion of its services. Work cited Rossiter John R. and Larry Percy. Advertising and promotion management. McGraw-Hill Book Company 1987. Belch George E. and Michael A. Belch. Advertising and Promotion: An Integrated Marketing Communications Perspective (6 Th. New York: NY: McGraw-Hill 2004. Abraham Magid M. and Leonard M. Lodish. “Getting the most out of advertising and promotion.” Harvard Business Review 68.3 (1990): 50-1. Shimp Terence A. Integrated Marketing Communication in Advertising and Promotion/or Terence A Shimp. No. 658.8 S45.. 2010.
Group Presentation. I have my own role as PR account executive.

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