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Advertisements project report

Advertisement Analysis This Ikea advertisement is well presented but one cannot tell what the advert is about. From the title of the advertisement one can easily tell that the advert is about kitchenware. However there is very little that tells what is being advertised. Too much focus on music and the characters in the commercial makes one wonder the purpose of the commercial advertisement by Gucci is ambiguous. But it is very entertaining and eye-catching. A keen person can know it advertises a bank. can notice the superb creativity used to shoot the commercial. The commercial easily tells the type of persons targeted by the commercial. This advertisement targets successful male clientele who can afford an expensive Mercedes saloon car. commercial uses a unique concept which makes it special; a walking and talking tree. The narration is well executed. However it is easy for someone to not notice that the commercial is about Unilever and not about trees.
For this week’s writing assignment, I would like you to watch and evaluate a total of ten (10) television commercials advertising ten (10) different products or services. Try to choose advertisements for products/services you would normally spend money on. Did each commercial make you more or less likely to purchase what was being sold?
Be specific with your praise/criticism…and make sure you provide plenty of details to justify your critiques. If possible, record the commercials on your DVR (or find them on YouTube) so that you may watch them multiple times.
There is no page limit for this report. However, the more substance you provide, the more points you will earn. Plus, this is your only assignment for Week 3, so take your time and nail this report!
(Note: Your report must be APA formatted, but you are not required to write your evaluations in paragraph form (unless you prefer that format). You may number them, if you wish.)

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